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Do You Need an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade?

Electrical demands are no longer the same and new power demands may cause older switchboards to overwork. Consequently, there are risks of electrical fires, electrocution and many such negative outcomes. A new safe switchboard can overcome all these challenges and safeguard buildings and occupants. 

Warning signs to look out for;

Contact our technicians at Shearwater Electrical to set up a modern electrical switchboard equipped with a safety switch and stay compliant with the AS3000:2018 Australian wiring rules and legislation.

Minimal Disruptions To Your Home or Business

Expect a safe and successful implementation when you involve the electricians at Shearwater Electrical. However, keep in mind that the process varies based on the age and wiring system of the building. Most time a switchboard upgrade can be completed in one day without major disruptions to your home or business. 

If this isn’t possible we will discuss with you to make arrangements that will work with you and ensure the least possible disruption.

What Makes Shearwater Electrical a Notch Above the Rest?

Do not ever think of upgrading the switchboard at home all by yourself! It is not only dangerous but also illegal. Seek help only from a licensed and qualified electrician to work on your behalf and rest assured the job will be done to Queensland regulations. We take 360-degree responsibility for switchboard upgrades, which may include reconnection or disconnection of the mains to testing of boards. In the end, after completing the work, we offer a certificate of safety.
We are more than just qualified to be entrusted with the responsibility:

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